We can provide you with interpretation services for your business meetings, conferences, lectures, presentations, seminars and workshops through the assistance of our team of experienced interpreters.

Simultaneous – Cable Interpretation

An interpreter sits in a booth, listens to the speaker on the headphones and simultaneously interprets the speech to make it available through the headphones of the participants in the room.


An interpreter stands next to the speaker on the stage and interprets their speech in sections.

Chuchotage – Whispering

An interpreter sits or stands among the meeting participants and interprets through whispering directly into the ear of the select participant.  Chuchotage is suitable for a small group of foreign participants.

Judicial interpretation – Certified Judicial Interpreter

Judicial interpretation is implemented during wedding ceremonies, the communication of foreign nationals with the national authorities, court proceedings and witness interviews.

Letter Interpretation

An interpreter is provided with the text that they directly interpret for an audience. This service is usually implemented for an occasion of an official statement reading or a speech reading.


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